JavaScript Cebu

Welcome Cebu Nin.js.

We've just started 4 months ago but to our surprise - within a couple of hours we've already hit 300 Facebook page likes. Yay!

UPDATE: We're 400+ likes now and we're really growing...

Another JavaScript Group?

JavaScript Cebu sprouted from the collaboration and love of tech communities Laravel Cebu and Vue.js Cebu. We created this to promote JavaScript and have a community for JavaScript developers at the Queen City Of The South, Cebu, Philippines.

What To Expect?

In 2019, we'll be doing lots of events - meetups, codecamps, school outreach and more. That's a promise and we're really eager to do that!

How Can You Help? Join Us

Our group is currently small since we're just starting. We will really appreciate some help. Send us a PM at our Facebook page and let's talk from there. Be someone who helped his community grow and promote the love for tech!

Help Us Spread The Word

For the meantime as we prepare to launch our official website and replace the contents here, please continue sharing our Facebook Page or join us at JavaScript Cebu Slack

Contact Us

Send us a message at our Facebook Page or call us +639175614793